Dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection.



Katie Abbott

Katie's teaching honours both our human and spiritual nature. It is a teaching beyond any form or structure and it's essence lays at the centre of love, presence and connection.

Katie has worked as a Therapist and Coach for over 10 years. Still working with a small group of private clients from her base at 1 Harley St, the heart of her work is now teaching, writing and sharing within groups.

Katie founded Pause Place in 2016.



Bill Cumming

Those who have had the privilege of meeting Bill personally know the impact of his presence. Bill brings a very rare combination of purity of heart, congruency, loyalty, humour and wisdom that is unmistakably life affirming and life enriching.

However humble he may be, it is worth noting that for the past 50 years Bill has worked with many of the world’s most creative and thought provoking leaders. He has also been a Facilitator, Trainer and Mentor to countless CEO’s, Businesses, Non-profits and Government organisations.

The Boothby Institute

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Photographer and Film-maker

Emma Gahan

Emma is a photographer and film-maker with a passion for capturing the tender, honest and real moments that the human spirit can experience. She has been with Pause Place since its beginning and is loved by all those who know and experience her practice.


Programme Coordinator

Angie Starn

Angie has completed a Masters in Refugee Studies and Community Development. She brings a wealth of experience to Pause Place. She did fundraising at a health museum for 7 years and supported the directors of private equity for seven more. She comes to us now after launching a think tank looking at migration and integration in the UK and a demanding job at Avaaz supporting campaigns to create the kind of world we all want to live in. She is more than happy to hear from you, so always feel free to reach out to her with any questions you may have.


Designer, Mentor

Sara El Dabi

Sara infuses her spirit into everything that she does. Her presence has an illuminating quality and the capacity of her heart can be felt immediately. Sara is a skilled designer and art director with a natural interest in people, spaces, lives and environments. Sara has worked with a broad range of clients across many spectrums including fashion, music, and cultural sectors, which include Mulberry, MAC, Converse, Liberty and Nike. Sara brings her creativity to Pause Place, both in a design capacity and as part of the vision and facilitation.


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