How we can work with you?

We never set out to work with businesses, organisations and non-profits but as our work has grown, we have been approached by innovative and forward thinking individuals and companies who are called to work with their teams in a fresh, free-flowing and ultimately highly alive and impactful way. We can offer you the following:

• In-house or off-site training.
• Experiential immersions for small groups/larger teams.
• A place to pause, reflect and grow.
• Spiritual and emotional intelligence.

• Away day retreats.
• One-on-one coaching.
• Keynote presentations.
• Half-day or full-day sessions.


We offer an in-house service either at your place of business or offsite at an urban retreat space.


Services & Benefits

We offer in-house training or away days to provide your team the nourishment, insight and flexibility to be at the cutting edge of global communication, presence intelligence and spiritual ecology. Benefits include a climate and atmosphere of wakefulness. Clarity, transparency, openness, effectiveness and presence.

We offer an in-house service where we can work with senior management, employees, individuals, small groups and large teams.


Get in touch

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I am certain that every person who ever experiences Katie finds love at its most real and powerful and builds a life that is profoundly richer because of it.
— Nancy Kline, author of Time to Think