Pause Place takes place over six live weekend in beginning 2020 from May – October at Nan Studios, East London, UK.

2020 dates coming soon.

Typically May - October


The training will take place at a very special artist studio in East London. Our venue for the training holds a very dear place in my heart and is typically not available to the public in this capacity. To enter the space is to enter into an environment of peace, tranquillity and possibility.



Arrival on each day will be from 9.30am and we will begin at 10am and be together until 4.30pm.


The fee for the training is £4,500. Our payment plans include the option to pay in-full or over 6 or 12 months. A £300 deposit secures your place.


To book your place

Would you like to become a certified coach and discover how to facilitate transformative and healing spaces for both individuals and groups? 

Would you like to become part of a community who will nourish every part of your being? 

Are you interested in wellbeing, spirituality, awakening, healing, meditation and have a desire to contribute to the lives of others? 

Are you ready to take part in a journey of meaning, truth and beauty that is an opportunity to awaken and be of service to life? 


Our Certified Pause Place Coach and Practitioner Training takes place over six live weekends from May to October 2020 at Nan Studios, East London. The six live weekends, fortnightly group mentoring calls online, personal coaching from a Pause Place mentor and access to the peer support group are all included in the programme. Upon completion of the training, you will be qualified as a Pause Place Practitioner and Certified Coach.


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