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Night of the Burning Soul

Night of the Burning Soul, an evening of grace, power and surrender with Pause Place Founder, Katie Abbott

I would like to invite you to a very special evening, where if we are patient enough, and full enough with awe and wonder, then we may be able to invite the beauty of the soul to be with us, the power of love to seduce us and the burning heat of reason to leave us while we bathe in the splendor of the moment. 

You know the thing about these evenings is that they are as much gentle and friendly and funny and kind as they are dramatic and potent and true. And this comes from our willingness to be together in the formless, in candlelight, in simplicity and in space. 

Some souls are taken by fire, others by air. If you are curious about the journey to liberate and if you are curious about the two worlds, the domain of Lovers, then please come and join us. 

This is a gentle evening. With candles and tea and blankets and anonymity. It is also a coming together. A home coming. A love poem. 

For mystics, for vulnerable hearts, for travelling souls, for those lost, and found. This is for you. And I welcome you with open arms and an open heart, always. 


You are a placeless fire all places burn away in

A whirlpool of nowhere drowning me deeper and deeper- Rumi