Pause Place 2019

Certified Coach & Pause Place Practitioner Training May - Oct 2019

May – October 2019

Would you like to train to become a coach during 2018 and work in a way that combines spirituality, grounding and the desire to contribute wholeheartedly to the lives of others and the world at large?

Pause Place offers the first Certified Coach training course dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection.

Our next six-month training programme will run from May-October 2018 at the beautiful 42 Acres in Shoreditch.

Katie Abbott
Pause Place


Would you like to work with individuals and/or groups in a way that honours both our spiritual and human nature?

Would you like to be part of a growing community of individuals who contribute to life through an openness of heart and mind?

Would you like an experience that nurtures your inner knowing, allowing you to bring more of your self into the world, with honesty, integrity and strength?

Are you ready to explore the qualities necessary to be a highly effective coach and pioneer in your field, making a meaningful difference to the lives of others?

Would you like the practical support necessary to set up and/or run an organisation or business celebrating well-being and transformation?

Would you like to nourish and deepen your relationship to life and to those around you and assist others to do the same?

Are you ready to take part in an experience that will place you at the forefront in the fields of Psychology and Spirituality?

Are you ready to explore the wisdom that resides in love, presence and connection?


To become a Certified Coach and make a meaningful difference to the lives of others…

To nourish your current practice as a healing or therapeutic practitioner…

To discover your capacity to live a joyful, meaningful and contributory life…

To join a community of inspiring, open and loving individuals…

Katie Abbott, Founder, Pause Place

Katie Abbott will be the lead trainer for our 2019 programme. Bill Cumming, Pause Place’s Director will be present for the group throughout the journey and joining us live in London at several times throughout the programme.

“Working with the qualities of love, presence and connection requires openness and a willingness to allow a depth of feeling carry you to a place beyond all concept, form and process.
It is a journey in and of itself to come to a place where we can experience pure freedom of being, expressing not only from the intellect but from the soul.
Love is undeniably the most powerful force in creation. It can carry us out beyond our notion of self whilst simultaneously connect us to what is most meaningful, fragile and truthful about being human.
It is the presence between us that opens a doorway to the great mystery that we call existence. And it is within the depth of this connection that we can begin to explore our lives, how we wish to live, what we choose to create and what we discover we can offer back to life and one other.
Our next Pause Place journey will take place between May- October 2018. It is a coaching qualification, a training that will allow you to work with individuals and groups but it is also a journey for you, to come back home to the beauty of life, honouring the challenges and difficulties that we all inevitably face and deciding beyond all doubt that the love and warmth that exists between us is the most exciting, nourishing and joyful unfolding that we could ever possibly imagine.”

Katie Abbott, Pause Place Founder


Six live weekend modules in London from May – October 2019 at 42 Acres, Shoreditch

11th and 12th May
8th and 9th June
13th and 14th July
17th and 18th August
14th and 15th September
12th and 13th October

Fortnightly group mentoring video calls online to support your journey

Personal coaching throughout the duration of the programme with a Certified Pause Place Coach and Mentor

Access to an online forum for long-term support, sharing resources inspiration and insights

Upon completion of the training you will become a Certified Coach and Pause Place Practitioner


We will be exploring the following areas:

Love, presence & connection

We will be discovering the simple yet unmistakably powerful nature of working with love, presence and connection. When we are able to let go of all agendas, be fully present in the moment and embody a quality of truth and clarity, a space for transformation can take place. Without this grounding, nothing else will ever be quite enough. It is the essence of working in a truly natural, honest, real and authentic way.

Meditation to deepen & nurture

We will be learning the art of creating a meditative space. Whether you choose to work with individuals or with groups, guiding others to a place of inner exploration is at the heart of living and working consciously. We will explore metaphor, healing language, space, silence, and reflective practices.

Our spiritual & our human nature

As a practitioner, it is invaluable to be able to work with both the spiritual dimension and the human dimension. Our spiritual nature embraces who we are beyond mind, body, and form- our timeless essence. Our human nature embraces our past, our conditioning, our vulnerabilities and our life story. Holding a space to honour both aspects of our selves forms a uniquely powerful healing modality.

A powerful circle of beings

We will be forming a powerful circle of beings, who in the act of coming together for Pause Place 2018 will become the catalyst for the most beautiful and sustainable source of nourishment, care, inspiration, support and growth. We will discover the power of belonging, connection and collaboration and as we embody these qualities ourselves, we will be able to guide others to do the same. Creating a joyous, meaningful and contributory life is the greatest fulfilment.

Creating the work that you love

We will be exploring every practical aspect of creating the work that you love. Whether you would like to work with individuals or with groups, create collaborative projects or become a conscious entrepreneur, we will be opening up the space to discover how to do this. Thriving in your professional life requires challenge, discipline, guidance, encouragement and support. Being a pioneer in your field is dependent on following your innermost knowing and this will be nurtured throughout and beyond the training.

One-on-One Coaching practice

During this Practitioner Training there will be plenty of time for coaching practice. We will be working in pairs and small groups to practice and explore the art of coaching. There will be space for questions, reflections and developing your own unique approach to working with others.

Individual & group mentoring

As part of the Pause Place Practitioner Training, you will have the opportunity to receive personal coaching from a Pause Place Practitioner and Mentor. We will also be meeting fortnightly online as a group to reflect, share stories, ask questions and explore topics of interest.

Guest mentors & evening events

Throughout the training there will be a special online and group events with guest teachers. You will be introduced to some of the leading lights in the fields of Psychology and Spirituality.

On-going support & community

Your journey with Pause Place does not have to end after the training. We have an online group especially for all Certified Pause Place Practitioners and fortnightly calls online to continue to be in a space of loving connection. The community that you will be part of is all-embracing, full of wisdom, inspiration and care.

Here are some of our 2017 certified Pause Place practitioners


The training will take place at the beautiful 42 Acres in Shoreditch.

Our venue for the training is a pioneering retreat and conscious co-working space intentionally designed for individuals and organisations to realise, nurture and grow their true purpose. To enter the space is to enter into an environment of peace, tranquillity and possibility.

Arrival on each day will be from 9.30am and we will begin at 10 am and be together until 4.30pm.


The fee for the training is £4,500. Our payment plans include the option to pay over 6 or 12 months.

“I consider this training with Pause Place to be revolutionary in what it is doing.”
Leah Cox, Coach and Writer

To Book Your Place

The six live weekends, group mentoring, personal coaching and access to the peer support group are all included in the programme. Upon completion of the training, you will be qualified as a Certified Coach and Pause Place Practitioner.

Pause Place Practitioner Training live weekends 2019 at 42 Acres, London

11th and 12th May
8th and 9th June
13th and 14th July
17th and 18th August
14th and 15th September
12th and 13th October


The Pause Place mentoring programme is designed specifically for graduates of the Pause Place Practitioner training.

It is an opportunity to continue your exploration, experience mentorship with Katie Abbott and further develop your mentoring and coaching presence in the world. Those who experienced the training in 2016/2017 need no further exploration into what the experience of Pause Place encompasses. You know.


As it usually goes, it was by some strange string of events that I ended up on a Skype call with Katie, the Founder of Pause Place, a week (maybe two) before Pause Place 2017 started back in May. We were originally connecting just to say hello but I’d also asked if I could ask her more about Pause Place, having seen the write up on the website and was curious to know more.

As it happened, I don’t think I asked a single question about the programme. I told her a bit about me and my recent experiences. She did the same. And then I told her I’d like to join. She seemed a bit surprised. I think that sums Katie up pretty well. Such beauty and innocence – all of life being a beautiful surprise to her in every moment. I think that’s what happens when you don’t carry expectations but rather approach everything in a spirit of love.

I didn’t know what I was joining and I had no expectations myself. I just felt that it would be a good thing for me to be a part of for the next seven months – a place to have the sorts of conversations I most wanted to have.


Over the years I’ve learnt various self-help methods, used them, thrown them away and restarted/remodelled some but never really finding what worked.
Pause place has enabled me to move beyond all that into what we label as love. The word doesn’t really capture what it is but the essence is embedded.
Pause place has provided me with the growth and the realisation that I will continue to grow and change, ebb and flow but as long as I have love at my core I will move in the world for all elements of what I call good. Thank you for providing this journey.

Richard Baker

I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of the first Pause Place Practitioner training with Katie and Bill.

The entire experience has been an absolute pleasure and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

On the first day we were strangers, within weeks we felt like family. When a group of people come together like this and experience the insights and wisdom offered each month it is inevitable that one feels a connection with the group and the outside world that is hard to describe.

Katie and Bill both embody an effortless presence that is supportive to each and every person they come in contact with, it has been an honour to meet and spend time with each of them and the group.

Melanie Draper

Words cannot fully express my Pause Place experience. It’s been such a personal journey. I’ve felt love and connection like never before. I’ve met some amazing people, both participants and hosts alike who I’m honoured to now call my friends. I’ve overcome some personal challenges and now see myself and the world very differently. Professionally I’ve started creating things I didn’t believe possible and experience people on a much deeper level. I’m so grateful to Bill, Katie and everyone involved in the training for the most incredible adventure. You will be in my heart forever.

Kevin Gandon

Pause place practitioner training is the best money I think I’ve ever spent. It has truly been a spiritual and transformative journey with some very special people. I am so grateful to Katie and Bill for this wonderful experiential coaching training. I am thankful every day for what it has brought to my life and wellbeing. I hands down recommend this experience to you and have already recommended it to many friends wanting to become coaches. It’s been a gift and it just keeps on giving.

Dr Shash Vethanayagam

The heart-opening presence of Katie and Bill creates a space of love and grounding I could not have imagined only six months ago. To realise the power and peace of living from the heart is a true gift.

I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience this course! It is life changing. And it will continue to change lives as new practitioners create a space of loving presence for others.

Something incredible is happening here.

Lisa Wood PG Cert (Clin Hyp)

If it wasn’t for the Pause Place programme, my coaching work would be a shadow of what it is now. It’s that simple. I came to the programme experienced in coaching but I knew there was something deeper, more peaceful, more loving and ultimately more transformational in the coaching this programme offered. The presence. The connection. So powerful. Katie and Bill created a beautiful space for all of us and the love and camaraderie that formed in the group made every weekend a special, spacious experience everyone looked forward to. Like a sanctuary, each was as healing as they were educational. And with the master classes, tutoring calls and coaching practice days, it was cram packed with value. Simply, a wonderful, giving experience.

Stephen Woolston

I wasn’t looking at the time that Pause Place appeared. It just seemed to come from nowhere and I knew immediately that it was for me. But that is how it seems to work with Pause Place… it has a momentum all of its own… with Love being the driving force.

Katie, at the helm, radiates a glow of golden light. Wise and gentle and oh so present. Bill on one side, strong and fierce in his unconditional love, Lisa on the other, tender and all seeing in her holding of the room.

The experience is impossible to put into words… But there is a flow … A natural flow… rather like a magic carpet… Once you decide to take the ride there is nothing to think about… It is all done for you… You are already on the most transformational of journeys.

Pause place absorbed 6 glorious months of my life, it was gone in the blink of an eye and yet will be a part of me eternally. I barely remember a time when I was not touched by these souls.

Whether you would like to make a difference in this world… Or just in your world… I couldn’t recommend Pause Place more highly. I know my clients are going to benefit from my experience… actually they already are!

Emma Wilkinson

If you got the chance to sit in a room
Where your heart was safely on display. And its light found a way to illuminate its darkness, would you take it?
If you were told that over the course of six months this would become the most natural thing to witness, would you believe it?

Benita Nwulu


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