Pause Place Practitioner Training, journey of meaning & truth at Nan Studios, London.

MAY - OCTOBER 2019 - Fully booked

2020 dates coming soon

Would you like to train to work with individuals and/or groups in a way which honours both our human and spiritual nature?

Would you like to be part of a shared experience that will awaken and deepen your own presence, truth and grounding?

Pause Place offer a Certified Coach and Practitioner Training dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection.

Our next six-month programme is expected to take place from May-October 2020 at Nan Studios in East London


Over the course of our six-month Pause Place training we will be exploring the following areas:


Love, presence & connection

We will be exploring the essence of working with love, presence and connection. Going beyond tools and techniques, we will discover a freedom, ease and flow of being that allows for expansion, liberation and a deepening of our true nature. Sharing this space with others creates the grounding necessary for transformation.


Meditation to deepen & nurture

We will be learning the art of creating a meditative and healing space. Whether you choose to work with individuals or with groups, guiding others to a place of inner exploration is at the heart of living and working consciously. We will explore working with silence, space, healing language, storytelling, among other reflective practices.

Creating the work that you love

We will be exploring the practical aspect of creating the work that you love. Whether you would like to work with individuals or with groups, create collaborative projects or become a conscious entrepreneur, we will be opening up the space to discover how to do this. Thriving in your professional life requires challenge, discipline, guidance, encouragement and support. Being a pioneer in your field is dependent on following your innermost knowing and this will be nurtured throughout and beyond the training.

Our spiritual & human nature

As a practitioner, it is invaluable to be able to work with both the spiritual and human dimension. Our spiritual nature honours who we are beyond mind, body, and form- our timeless essence. Our human nature honours our past, our conditioning, our vulnerabilities and our life story. Holding a clear, grounded and loving space for both aspects of our selves forms a uniquely powerful experience.


A powerful circle of beings

We will be forming a powerful circle of beings, who in the act of coming together for Pause Place 2019 will become the catalyst for the most beautiful and sustainable source of nourishment, care, inspiration, support and growth. We will discover the power of belonging, connection and collaboration and we will be able to guide others to do the same.

Individual & group mentoring

We will be working in pairs and small groups to practice and explore working with love, presence and connection. There will be space for questions, reflections and developing your own unique approach to working with others. As part of the Pause Place Practitioner Training, you will have the opportunity to receive personal coaching from a Pause Place Practitioner and Mentor. We will also be meeting fortnightly online as a group to reflect, share stories, ask questions and explore topics of interest. 


As part of the training you will receive:

  • Six live weekends of training at the very special creative space, Nan Studios, East London

  • Personal mentoring from a Certified Pause Place Practitioner throughout the duration of the training

  • The opportunity to meet with the group online every fortnight

  • Access to our peer support group online

Upon completion of the training you will receive the qualification of Certified Pause Place Practitioner

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Join us for Pause Place 2020

If you are interested in joining us for this powerful journey, we are currently taking applications for our 2020 programme. The six live weekends, group mentoring, personal mentoring and access to the peer support group are all included in the programme. Upon completion of the training, you will be awarded the qualification of Pause Place Practitioner.

Programme Details

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