Pause Place Practitioner training, journey of meaning and truth.


The power of Pause Place arises through its simplicity and depth. The journey is first and foremost an awakening. An awakening of the heart, the spirit and the soul. An opportunity to come together with a group of fellow travellers and leave the shores of reason and knowledge and enter the deeper waters of truth, meaning, love, presence and connection. 

We come together at Nan Studios in East London which is a space that calls to us to remember possibility. To be in the space is to retreat and to flow, to unwind and explore. The atmosphere present touches the deepest part of our being. There is never any pressure, simply an unfolding of beauty and togetherness. Warm, open, spacious, accepting, liberating and healing. 

This is not a training filled with words. Those spoken are spoken mindfully. We learn to be attentive to the feeling in the room. The feeling between us. We learn to honour one another without confining or defining. Each individual plays a unique note and together we create the whole. 

Our practices explore the beyond. The formless, the timeless, the essential. Breath, feeling, the heart, the mind, the body, all in service of the beyond. We wait, we listen, we see, we know, we share, we are. It is also a training rooted in reality, acknowledging the importance of grounding, both personally and collectively.

It is impossible to describe this experience. You will discover how to create a healing and sacred environment for both individuals and groups. Wether you are already a practitioner in the fields of therapy, wellbeing, bodywork or other, you are welcome. Or if you are completely new to the field, but have a longing to share with others, share your self, contribute to the awakening of the world, then please be in touch. 

Pause Place takes place each year from May-October.

Together in mystery, awake in love, 

โ€” Katie Abbott


Pause Place Training

Pause Place Practitioner Training is dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection. This is an opportunity to train over six months to discover a way of working with individuals and/or groups that honours both our human and spiritual nature. You will discover a deeper sense of your own grounding and be able to facilitate an experience for others so that they too can create a life of meaning, value and purpose.



Our practitioners come from a diverse variety of backgrounds. Pause Place welcomes everyone and celebrates both our shared humanity and our unique expression. Everyone who has taken part in Pause Place shares their own creativity, bringing soul, depth and meaning into existence through their work and their lives. Their presence speaks to what is most real and most alive.


About us

Pause Place was founded in 2016 by Katie Abbott, therapist, coach, teacher and writer. We offer an experience unlike any other, not only a coach training that will allow you to share and work with others in a healing and therapeutic capacity, but an awakening; a journey of truth, meaning, beauty and belonging.


Pause Place Events

As well as our six-month Practitioner training, we also run day, weekend and evening events. These events are an opportunity to explore the work of love, presence and connection and join us in person.


Apply now

for 2020

If you would like to join us for Pause Place or are curious to find our more, please do be in touch with us. Pause Place 2020 runs from May-October over six live weekends at creatives space, Nan Studios, East London. We would love to talk with you to discover if this is the right journey for you.

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