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Awakening Soul, A day retreat at 42 Acres

  • 42 Acres Shoreditch 66 Leonard Street London, EC2A 4LW United Kingdom (map)

Life is to be lived as a love affair. An intimate relationship between yourself and everything in creation. Your soul being touched by the soul of life and then in return you offering your spirit and awakened self to the world as a gift. 

Everything sings. The leaves that shake in the autumn light, the moon, the sun, the stars, your love, your longing, your pain and your beauty. 

There is a divine substance within everyone and everything that deserves our attentiveness, our devotion and our presence. You are part of this. Part of the whole. Unique and yet intimately connected. 

This day retreat is here to awaken the soul to the depth of feeling that is available to it. So much joy can pour forth once we are opened. So much tenderness can flow from our eyes and our hands when we live and celebrate love. 

There are no techniques here. There is nothing to work on. There is nothing to improve. There is simply release, softening, strength, power and the energy that flows forth when we are a true human being, one who honours both the dark and the light, one who honours the life within and the life around and the one whose soul is awake. 

You are welcome to join Katie Abbott for a day retreat at 42 Acres on Sunday 18th November. The day will run from 10am until 4.30pm. There is nothing that you need to do accept come with an open heart and mind. There will be space for deep rest, spiritual reflection, healing and complete letting go. Nothing will be expected from you. If you want to come and be quiet and absorb the flow you are welcome. The magic will unfold as we surrender.