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Dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection.


Working with the qualities of love, presence and connection requires openness and a willingness to allow a depth of feeling carry you beyond all concept, form and process. It is a journey in and of itself to come to a place where we can experience freedom of being, expressing not only from the intellect but from the soul. Love is undeniably the most powerful force in creation. It can carry us out beyond our notion of self whilst simultaneously connect us to what is most meaningful and true about being human. It is the presence between us that opens a doorway to the great mystery that we call existence. And it is within the depth of this connection that we can begin to explore our lives, how we wish to live, what we choose to create and what we discover we can offer back to life and one other.

Our next Pause Place journey will take place between May- October 2019. It is a Practitioner Training that will allow you to work with individuals and groups in a meaningful way but it is also a journey for you, to come home to the beauty of life, honouring the challenges and difficulties that we all inevitably face and deciding beyond all doubt that the love and warmth that exists between us is the most exciting, nourishing and joyful unfolding that we could ever possibly imagine.

Together in mystery, awake in love.

— Katie Abbott


Pause Place Training

Pause Place is a Certified Practitioner Training dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection. This is an opportunity to train over six months to discover a way of working with individuals and/or groups that honours both our human and spiritual nature. You will discover a deeper sense of your own grounding and be able to facilitate an experience for others so that they too can create a life of meaning, value and purpose.



Our practitioners carry with them a ground of being that can be felt, a presence that speaks. Going beyond tool and technique, they hold an essential quality of truth that connects at a deep and profound level. Each with their own unique essence and their own creativity, our practitioners bring soul, depth and meaning into existence through their work and their lives.


About us

Pause Place is inspired by the strength of love, presence and honours both our human and spiritual nature. We run a six month practitioner training, events and consult for businesses, organisations and non-profits. Pause Place was founded by Katie Abbott in 2016.


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Pause Place offers a Certified Practitioner Training dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection. A journey of wonder, soul, meaning and truth. Our next six-month programme will take place from May-October 2019 at the beautiful 42 Acres in Shoreditch.

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